I’m pretty sure that everybody is aware that braids have always been the go-to hairstyle for girls (and it is now a trend among boys too). Braids have been around forever, they have proven to be timeless and classic, since they never seem to go out of style.

In this braid appreciation post, I will share with you a few of my favorite types of braids, for the most part they are very easy to do and you can wear them for pretty much any occasion. Dutch braids are perfect for the gym or even a night out, or you can just accentuate any updo by adding a cute braid.

Just a little side note: There’s no need whatsoever to be a braid expert in order to try this styles, I actually suck at braiding my own hair, I think I can only do normal pigtails and an occasional fishtail braid on myself, that never stops me from trying though (shoutout to all of you who are braiding pros).

I’m hoping after this post, you get the inspiration you need to take your braid game to a whole new level.

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Photos by Dayris Mtz

Do you ever notice something that is always at the back of your closet? You’re so used to seeing it there, that you don’t even consider it as a piece of clothing anymore, its has become something more like… furniture or a decor piece in your wardrobe. As silly as this sounds, you cannot lie to me, I know you can relate.

In my case, that piece is this beautiful and colorful pleated skirt. How could I forget about its existence? I’m not really sure, all I know is that I woke up one morning and I just knew that I would wear it that day. To be completely honest with you, I had never worn it in my life. It actually has been in my house forever, apparently one of my aunts bought it when she was my age, so I guess that it’s okay to call the skirt “vintage”.





I decided to pair it with a plain black shirt and white Stan Smith’s, for accessories I picked the most gorgeous minimalistic necklace that I literally just got from Outcast Jewels, it’s made from antique gold and I have been wearing it non-stop.

I am entirely minimalistic when it comes to jewelry and accessories, don’t get me wrong, I adore layering pieces and stacking up necklaces until my arm is no longer visible (hello, middle school me), but most of the time I keep it very simple, it’s almost something unconscious.





So, now its your turn to admit that you have pieces in your closet that you haven’t worn in ages… it’s time to bring them back! And in case that you don’t like it anymore you should definitely consider donating everything that you do not use anymore, it’s up to you to get the most out of your clothes and why not help other people along the way? It’s a win-win situation.

Make sure to let me know what is the oldest piece in your closet and how did you get it, I love vintage shops and imagining the story behind every hand me down.

Ps. I would love to know what you enjoy to see on the blog, if you have any requests, please make sure to leave a comment below or send me a tweet.

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